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Welcome to the Hope Clinic Lukuli. Since our beginning as a very small clinic caring for pregnant women and many patients with fevers, we have now been serving the Community of Lukuli in Kampala, Uganda for over ten years. Hope Clinic provides a broad range of primary healthcare services for the population in Lukuli and adjoining parishes - over 60,000 people live within 2 miles of our site. Through our 20+ staff we are open every day and all hours to diagnose the cause of fevers and give effective treatment, tend to pregnant women, provide information, medical examinations and treatment and to ensure access to comprehensive HIV services.

As a sustainable but 'not for profit' clinic we balance the need to meet staff and drug costs with the reluctance to create pricing barriers that would deny our neighbours the services they need. As food and other prices rise in Uganda, the pressure on households to avoid preventative medical care is rising, saving their money for treatment, if they get sick. With help from sponsors and supporters we can continue with free of charge child immunisation, free HIV counselling and testing and free information on family planning including various FP pills, injections and tools.

The UK charity and its UK bank account were wound up and since 2014 we have asked supporters to contact the former trustees using or to contact the co-founder and director using The clinic has maintained its Ugandan-led day to day management and since 2012 has an entirely Ugandan board. We welcome advice and support from health and development organisations and individuals who seek a reliable partner and a means to serve the primary health needs of a community. Great Lakes Film have made a very kind donation of their staff time, skills and equipment to help us show you how your donations help us Watch film on YouTube

In 2011 we can now offer our community more of the services they need and which they cannot easily receive from the government staffed facilities. We now serve over 800 out-patients a month, with 40% being fever cases and 25% simple coughs and pneumonia. Our child immunisation Mondays see 50-60 children a week as part of Uganda's national programme for under-5s. The nearest government-staffed clinic, over 3 miles away, does not 'do' deliveries at night or weekends: women rely on us.

Beginning in March 2006, when we were assessed and became accredited by the Ministry of Health as an Antiretroviral Treatment Centre for HIV, we have worked with government and development partners to bring HIV and AIDS services to Makindye. Today we have more than 660 HIV postitive clients with almost half already requiring, and receiving, ART through Hope Clinic Lukuli.

The ART are funded by the Government from tax revenue, by the Global Fund, UNITAID and the Clinton HIV/ AIDS Initiative. From 2006 to 2009 we could place clients starting ART on the PEPFAR stocks but since March 2009, all new ART clients are on non-US funded ART. Through our partnerships with Kampala City Council and Makindye Division we have been able to maintain ART supplies for our patients and the wrap-around services they need.

Working with the local councils, Kampala City, national and international NGO and initiatives we have grown to the size of a small hospital, designated a Health Centre grade III in Uganda. Patients include 50 ante-natal check-ups, 15-20 deliveries and 350 HIV counselling and testing clients each month. We also provide home visits to incapacitated HIV or AIDS clients and hold youth health sports sessions in the community.

The management of the committee is led by two women as co-chair who are assisted by three women and four men living within a mile of the clinic, all bar two of whom are Ugandans.

Our key services are:
- Ante-natal examinations and advice;

- Assessing the risks for labour and providing experienced, trained midwives to help the mother during the delivery;

- Post-natal care and neo-natal monitoring;

- Advice to mothers and fathers on growth of their child;

- Providing immunisation and supplements;

- Paediatric care and development advice;

- General Practise medical consultations;

- Counselling for family planning;

- Counselling for HIV and other STDs, and testing (This is a FREE service);

- Laboratory services including malaria tests;

- Advice on hygiene, safe water and treatment of related diseases in adults and children.

Our new premises were built through donations from the management committee members, friends and the business community in Kampala who recognised the worth of the clinic

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